2nd International Conference on Decision Economics

L'Aquila (Italy) | 17th-19th June, 2020 | www.decision-economics.net

The International Conference on Decision Economics (DECON 2020) is a multidisciplinary international forum dedicated to advancing knowledge and improving instruction in economics, business, computer science, psychology, quantitative methods and related disciplines. To pursue this mission, DECON 2020 will facilitate the development and dissemination of knowledge in the diverse disciplines of the decision sciences in the tradition of Herbert A. Simon’s interdisciplinary heritage. Herbert A. Simon was - and still is - one of the most influential founding father of the multidisciplinary fields of decision sciences: his contributions range across microeconomics, administrative behaviour and organisation theory, management science and operation research, behavioural decision theory, cognitive psychology, and artificial intelligence.

Therefore, DECON 2020 focuses on theoretical, empirical and methodological investigations of socio-economic decisions made by several economic agents in a complex market economy, not entirely according to standard “rational” economic principles, but also in light of behavioural and cognitive factors, and bounded rationality. Such investigations can be methodologically focused on quantitative approaches, qualitative methods, or can take the form of insightful reviews and commentaries on best practices in social science research.

DECON 2020 dedicates itself to the interdisciplinary study of decision-making in the recognition that important decision-making takes place in a range of critical subject areas and research fields, including Economics, Finance, Information Systems, Psychology, Small and International Business, Management, Operations, and Production. We are particularly interested in analytics as an emerging synthesis of sophisticated methodology and large data systems used to guide economic decision-making in an increasingly complex business environment.

Special Issues

Authors of selected papers from DECON 2020 will be invited to submit an extended and improved version to special issue in different journals.

DECON'19 awards


"Calibrating Methods for Decision Making Under Uncertainty" by Robert Marks


"Coordination and Search for New Solutions: An Agent-based Study on the Tension in Boundary Systems" by Friederike Wall